Quality Control

ISO, CE Certified 
Utilizing quality management system ensures that customers get consistent, good quality products and services.

Guarantee and After-Sale Services

I. Generator bodies, blades are warranted to the original purchaser for one year from the day of purchase.

II. Inverters and Controllers are warranted to the original purchaser for one full year from the date of purchase.

III. This warranty does not apply to the following circumstances:

A. Improper installation.
B. Damages caused by irresistible natural disasters.
C. Modification of the equipment without authorization.
D. Damages caused by the fall of the turbine. 

IV. Lifetime maintenance.   

If there are technical difficulties or quality problems, please contact with us and we will provide technical guidence within two days. 


Should the problems can't be solved by technical guidence, such as hardware damage,  we will provide the following services.
1) The damaged components will be repaired by Hengfeng or a spare part will be delivered to the user.
2) Problems will be solved by us within 1month including delivery time. Light components will be delivered by air within 7 days.
3) During warranties the costs of spare parts, delivery and repaire are free. 

V. After guarantee period services.

1) Technical guidence and repair are free, but cost of delivery and new spare parts should be paid.
2) Even the products come to failures caused by conditions expressed in III from A to D , after guarantee period services will still be offered.