Factors affecting the quality of wind power gear lubricating oil

According to the latest statistics show that the national energy administration, as of early 2016, the cumulative grid installed capacity of 129 million kilowatts,Wind hairElectricity accounted for 3.3% of all kinds of energy electricity generated.Gear box asWind turbineThe main transmission parts, in the event of failure and the repair, will have a certain impact on the economic benefits of wind field.whileWind power gear boxOf lubricating oil for the operation of the gear box plays a vital role.

The function of the lubricating oil in the wind

Lubricating oil is the blood flows through the gear box, play a vital role.First of all, is the most basic function of lubrication, lubricants on the tooth surface and form a layer of oil film bearing, to prevent mutual friction between the gear, reducing wear and tear;In the process of turning at the same time, the lubricating oil can take away the friction pair between the large amount of heat generated when motion, prevent burns gear and bearing;And lubricating oil has good rustproof function, avoid the moisture and oxygen corrosion gears in the gearbox;Lubricating oil in the process of constant flow can take away the impurities, ensure clean inside the gear box.

Because of the importance of lubricating oil, the masses of customers for the importance of gear lubricating oil is also increasing, regular product inspection has guaranteed the periodic monitoring of lubricating oil, the problems of the lubricating oil, take timely measures to change the new lubricating oil, in order to prolong the service life of gear box.

The influencing factors on the quality of the lubricating oil

In the process of daily maintenance, for the protection of the lubricating oil is particularly important.

Moisture factor

If fan gear box is located in the humid environment, can't timely replacement air respirator, or the environment temperature is low, or long downtime caused water precipitation, water as an important factor affecting the quality of gear lubricating oil, will directly affect the occurrence of oil emulsification, gear parts rust.

Cleanliness factor

Gear box filter timely replacement, can effectively control the other important factors affecting the quality of gear lubricating oil, cleanliness, if the cleanness of the gearbox is poorer, the increase in the number of particles will have of lubricating oil, for the early damage to the gear box may be a bright spot or indentation, after long-term operation under this adverse situation, tooth surface pitting and bearing will gradually happen, even will lead to problems such as tooth surface spalling, broken teeth, it will directly affect the service life of the gear box.

Oxidation factors

Lubricating oil in the process of long time of use, due to high temperature, poor circulation, or operation of the oil level is too low, when coupled with could be affected by all kinds of pollution, oil oxidation degree rise, after the oxidation of oil products, performance degradation, can form the acid corrosion gears, accelerate filter consumption.

Wind power fan lubricant selection standards

Fan gear box has many requirements on the selection of lubricating oil, in order to make better protect gear box, lubricating oil in the process of selection, will ask its viscosity-temperature index is high, the antioxidant capability, good low temperature fluidity, wear resistance, low friction power consumption, low volatile, oil change cycle is long, and the advantages of micro pitting corrosion resistance is strong.The synthetic oil is conform to the requirements, after joining all kinds of protective additive increase performance of lubricating oil, can well protect the gear box.

However, even if the performance of the lubricating oil is constantly improve, lubricating oil still needs periodic inspection and replacement, good lubrication condition can greatly improve the work efficiency.In order to let the gear box can run smooth in the air, the condition of the lubricating oil can't ignore it.